Underwater remotely controlled vehicle "Moby Dick"


   The Underwater Robotechnics Laboratory "The Whale" has been developing and producing underwater equipment since 2000.
Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles MOBY DICK is one of the developments.  
(Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles UROV MOBY•DICK).

    This UROV has been developed taking into account the latest achievements in electronics, hydrodynamics and is an advanced technology to study the sea bottom.

    The main objective in the design and creation of UROV Moby Dick was the creation of a small robot which is able dive to a maximum depth of world ocean (composed of elevating and lowering mechanism), provide high definition video (FULL HD), take samples, carry out rescue works.

    One of the features of UROV MOBY DICK is the ability to move quickly and straight near the bottom that allows you to quickly explore large areas and find the desired objects.
This feature is very useful when searching for submerged objects when their exact position is unknown.
Due to the original design of the tubular frame of stainless steel the UROV Moby Dick is able to work on major flows, providing minimal resistance to streams.
This ability allows using UROV Moby Dick on rivers and ponds where other devices cannot control and provide the necessary video information.
UROV MOBY DICK is designed so that its structure has a minimum number of protruding parts, for example, all the engines are installed inside the frame, which protects them from the hooks of various obstacles as well as the impacts and damages. The smooth outer shape makes it possible to penetrate the narrowness with less danger.

    UROV Moby Dick has good maneuverability, it is able to rotate on its axis and move sideways using the engine.
The ability to move sideways in combination with the operation of the horizontal engines allows the UROV Moby Dick to make an inspection of underwater objects from all sides around a circle.

    The design of the base frame of the UROV MOBY DICK allows you to install a variety of sensors, navigation devices, sonars, magnetometers on the vehicle.
We have developed an underwater magnetometer on the basis of ferroprobes.
The magnetometers can detect ferromagnetic objects (iron and their alloys) on the sea bottom.
The depth of detection of objects at the bottom is limited only by the mass of the object.

    A distinctive feature of the UROV Moby Dick is the fact that it is equipped with unique commutatorless thrusters of direct action that are the development of our specialists and patent-protected.
These thrusters have a higher efficiency than the thrusters on magnetic couplings, as well as much smaller dimensions, which improves the power-to-weight ratio of the UROV MOBY DICK and ultimately increases the mobility and speed of movement.
Thrusters are designed for pressures up to 1200 atm. and do not reduce their efficiency with depth.
Due to their unique design the engines do not require maintenance at any depth,
it is not necessary to use compensators of pressure and oil filling.
Thrusters are equipped with a built-in microprocessor, which helps to monitor the engine state, to display rotation speed data and to change the settings of control module.

    Grabber is a very useful feature of underwater vehicles.
The UROV Moby Dick is currently equipped with a grabber with one degree of freedom, the grabber is maintenance-free and can withstand pressures of up to 1200 atm.
Experience has proven that, this grabber is sufficient to take samples, seize a small object or conduct emergency and rescue operations.

    The UROV MOBY DICK is equipped with the most advanced digital high-definition FULL HD 1960x1080 pixel video camera with a CMOS sensor.
The video camera of the UROV MOBY DICK enables to view objects at the bottom in color with a minimum illumination of 0.3Lx, and in the accumulation mode up to 0.01 Lx which allows you to see much further if the water is turbid when the built-in brighteners give only light flare against the suspensions.
Using a digital video camera enables you to keep a video log of the work performed, to make photos, to quickly change the camera settings under the current situation.
The UROV MOBY DICK allows for installing up to 4 digital cameras, two of which are mounted on a rotating suspension with a rotation of 360 degrees in all three axes, this feature, in particular, makes it possible to obtain a stereoscopic image of the sea bottom, in this case, it is possible to estimate the distance to objects and their dimensions directly from the screen, and increases the overall resolution ability of the camera. 360 degrees rotation in all three axes also allows you to inspect the engine of the vehicle and the overall situation around and inside the frame and to quickly inspect the long-length objects (pipelines, ships, etc.) when video camera is perpendicular to the motion of the robot. The installation of the rear view camera (optional with rotation) and B/W video cameras of ultra-high sensitivity of up to 0.0001 lx on the cooled CCD matrix is possible.

    Illumination of UROV MOBY DICK is represented by three LED anti-fog clusters of 1000 lumen each, o ne of which is built in the camera and rotates together with the video camera, which makes it possible to illuminate the objects inspected.
Two other LED clusters are located on the sides of the UROV MOBY DICK and provide overall illumination in front of the apparatus.
It is also possible to install two additional LED spotlights of 8500 lumens each.

    Management of the UROV MOBY DICK is provided from the portable secure control station which is a high power industrial computer installed in a waterproof case and equipped with a shock absorption system.

Videos from UROV MOBY DICK are displayed on the built-in (or external) 17" monitor and recorded on the internal memory of the computer.
Direct management UROV MOBY DICK produced from the original arm.
Direct management of the UROV MOBY DICK is performed from the original manipulator. Management of the UROV MOBY DICK is also possible with any modern laptop and standard joystick, in this case, the control of video is produced from a single laptop, which increases the maintainability of the whole complex as a whole.
Our laboratory carries out maintenance of the UROV MOBY DICK, supplies spare parts and provides warranty and post warranty maintenance anywhere in the world.

    Our laboratory staff constantly improve the design of underwater vehicles, f ollow the latest achievements in this area and develop new models of underwater robots.

Russian underwater robot MOBY DICK