Mechanized logging underwater video system (CPV-100/300-M)

CPV-100/300-M is designed for video recording of video objects under water / in the air
at a depth of up to 300m (depending on cable length) in an open space or in wells with a diameter of 80mm using winding / unwinding of the video system cable through the electrically operated winch.
The product consists of a winch electric, coil cable and video combined in a single unit.
Management is done with the control panel, located on the product.
The video camera is equipped with a built-in illuminators with adjustable power.
The installation of two cameras, front one and mobile side one with a 360 degrees horizontal view.
The video signal is transmitted to the user in the form of PAL television system or in digital form.
The winch is equipped with a sensor of the rewound cable length and has two programmable speed modes, smooth adjustment of speed, cable holding mode, automatic cable-laying vehicle, protection against idle running and voltage excess, etc.
Power supply of the product is carried out from the AC voltage source of 220V, 1 phase, with power of at least 500 watts