ROV "Igla" is designed to search, inspect, control objects under water
with current up to 5m/s and depths up to 1000 meters
"Igla" is specially designed to work on rivers with a strong current or in the sea during tidal or other currents.
ROV allows you to transfer and record video in FULL HD format, keep a diary diary video.
All controls are made from any modern laptop.
Connecting a laptop to the ROV is possible via a Wi-Fi network,
it is also possible to view videos on tablets or smartphones with a connection to the same network.
The standard equipment of the ROV includes a digital compass and a depth sensor that allows the ROV to operate in the "auto depth" and "autocourse" modes.
The ROV can be equipped with an original wireless joystick with a working time of up to 12 hours with charging from micro usb.
It is also possible to control from the standard game joystick logitech.

immersion depth up to 1000 m
area of action 300 m
cable length up to 1000 m
thrusters up to 5
horizontal thrust up to 15 kgf
vertical thrust up to 4 kgf
total power consumption 1000 watt
digital video camera 1 pcs
main video camera digital FULL HD 1920x1080 pixel, 0.3 / 0.01 lux
tilt video camera 180 degrees vertically + 180 degrees horizonally (3D version)
underwater sight angle 100 degrees
light Led modules of 1 x 1000 lumen
control unit joystck, the power supply unit. (ROV can be controlled from any laptop)
sensors compass, depth, temperature, engine rotation.
auto-function auto-depth, auto-heading
weight 8 kg
dimensions 80x9x9 cm

Complex ROV "Igla":


cable on the reel 100/300/600/1000 meters with a sliding contact or without,
neutral or negative buoyancy

power supply and interface

software (laptop not included)

spare parts (screw bushings, screws, etc.)
user's manual
carrying cases for the complex

The cost of the complex depends on:
working deep
cable length
reel, sliding contact
number of engines and their type
the presence of the tilt of the camera in a vertical or horizontal plane
joystick type

Free warranty on ROV 1 year subject to appropriate operation.