Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle   "Moby Dick"

immersion depth up to 600 m (2000 m is possible)
area of action 300 m
cable length up to 1500 m
thrusters up to 7
horizontal thrust up to 15 kgf
vertical thrust up to 6 kgf
sidelong thrust up to 3 kgf
total power consumption 1000-1500 watt
digital video camera up to 4 pcs
main video camera digital FULL HD 1920x1080 pixel, 0.3 / 0.01 lux
tilt video camera 360 degrees vertically + 360 degrees horizonally (3D version)
underwater sight angle 100 degrees
light Led modules of 3 x 1000 lumen, 2 ๕ 8500 lumen, intensity adjustment, tilt synchronously with video camera.
control unit joystck, videorecording, monitor, the power supply unit is installed in a protected housing. (ROV can be controlled from any laptop)
monitor 17 ' colour
sensors compass, depth, temperature, engine rotation, circular scan sonar, magnetometer.
grabber unlimited depths, 1(2) degree of freedom
auto-function auto-depth, auto-heading
weight 10-15 kg
dimensions 55x35x25 cm

For further information e-mail:  info@rov-underwater.com