Deep underwater video camera is designed to work in water and to transmit video in PAL format through a cable at a depth of 0 to 600m.
The video camera is made of AMG alloy with coating used anodizing of gray/black,
dimensions are 75x130mm with integrated LED illuminators with directional effect and adjustable power.
The video camera is designed, depending on modifications to work at a depth of 100/300/600 m in salt/fresh water.
Installation of sensors of depth, temperature, salinity, etc is possible.  The video camera is equipped with a SONY color video matrix of high resolution and high sensitivity, underwater sight angle is 70/100 degrees.
Installation of a black and white video matrix of super-high sensitivity and resolution is possible.

Application area:

inspection of submerged objects
inspection of subwater pipelines, underwater cables  inspection of water supply systems
inspection of wells, mines
scientific activity
inspection of the bottom, search of submerged objects
control of underwater mechanisms work
when catching fish, crabs and others seafood

immersion depth, meters 100/300/600
cable length, meters 100/300/600
tear force 350kg
video matrix 1/3", color, PAL, 570 TVL, 0,1 Lux, SONY
1/3", b/w, PAL, 600 TVL, 0,005 Lux, SONY
underwater sight angle 70/100 degrees
underwater focusing depth from 0.1m to infinity
lighter, max LEDs, 154/200/264/1500 Lumens
brightness control
sensor pressure/temperature/etc
operating conditions permanently (under water)
case material black/grey anodized aluminium
power supply 10-50 watt  ~ 110-240v 50/60 Hz
warranties 1 year

Scan television signal from the camera
/ Volga, 100 degrees /

Research facilities under the ice